Digital Photos on Canvas – Back to Art

Digital photos on canvas are beautiful works of art, whereas digital photos on computers are images on a screen. Put a digital photo on canvas and it sits peacefully rather than dancing on light.Since the discovery and development of photography in the first half of the 1800s, it has been an art form for all people. Upon its release to the public, it was advertized as a sure success for any artist, with or without a prior knowledge in art or illustrating. It was an exciting new venture away from canvas paintings and drawings, and it was revolutionary, even controversial, to directly duplicate an image from nature. Each photograph, or “Daguerreotype”, as they were originally called, was therefore precious. This was not only because of the newfound power of man to recreate nature, but because the lengthy process required so much patience– the first photograph (before being made public) required an eight hour exposure.As the photography was perfected over centuries, it was expedited and simplified, until we had equipment to expose the image in milliseconds and process it in an hour. In more recent modern times, we have gone beyond even that, with digital technology that eliminates the need to process film or pictures. As these steps were made, the precious nature of the photograph changed into an everyday occurrence. Photos fluttered everywhere and stacked up in boxes or albums. In an increasingly digital age, it is easy to pile up photographs on hard drives and never look at them twice. But to look at them every day, digital photos on canvas become gorgeous reflections of life.

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